Why Olive Leaf Extract is Great for Your Cold

It’s Winter season, which means the odd cold and flu may visit more often than you’d like. We take a look at the olive leaf and see what benefits it contains and whether or not it’s a good idea to keep some handy in your cabinet during this chilly season.

Olive leaf extract comes from the leaves of the olive tree. The extract from the leaves have been used medicinally for many years for high blood pressure, arthritis, respiratory illness, eczema and many other health issues. Much research has gone into examining the olive leaf for its powerful medicinal properties.

Olive leaf has been traditionally used to enhance the functioning of the immune system system and aid the management of viral infections, especially when there is a fever.

This herbal extract is a potent antioxidant. Researchers have determined that olive leaf extract has twice the antioxidant capacity of green tea and 400% the antioxidant capacity of vitamin C.

Laboratory studies support traditional practices in which oleuropein (one of the most important components of olive leaves), hydroxytyrosol and other compounds found in olive leaves have been shown to be effective against a number of disease-causing microbes, including some viruses that cause influenza and similar respiratory infections.

Research suggests that olive leaf compositions may enhance the body’s efforts to fight invading organisms via two stages. Firstly, they appear to stimulate phagocytosis (the process in which immune system cells engulf and destroy invading organisms), and secondly by interfering with the ability of bacteria and viruses to replicate and cause infection.

Overall, olive leaf extract is considered by many researchers to be a true antiviral supplement, as it can ward off entire systems of viruses.

If you feel the onset of a cold coming on, Olive leaf can be consumed as a liquid concentrate, dried leaf tea, powder or capsule. The leaf extracts can be taken in powder, liquid concentrate or capsule form. So keep some handy in your cabinet and have a flu-free season!


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